Everyone loves Sharon, including her new husband Bob. I tried to talk her out of marrying Bob but she went ahead and did it anyway. Once you meet Sharon you will wish you were as lucky as Bob and you will understand why the Captain feels lucky to have her as part of the crew whenever she can. Sharon is smart, pleasant, and FUN! (I'm still trying to talk her out of it :)


Cynthia is a proud mother of a wonderful son, Realtor by day, and in her spare time she is one of Captain Morgan's newest Crew members. Cynthia adds an edge to the Captains Crew with her party style background and her sophisticated business savvy when it comes to closing complex real-estate transactions. With Cynthia's genuinely kind hearted nature, I am confident that you will warm up to her instantly as she helps you feel right at home on the Rosemarie.


If you were wondering where you saw that pretty smile before, you probable met Kathy at her day job, Sasville Properties here in Discovery Bay. Kathy and her family own Sasville Properties and they are very active in the real-estate business in and around Discovery Bay. When the Captain is fortunate enough, Kathy agrees to crew aboard the Rosemarie. Kathy is excellent at making our guests feel like royalty, her smile and warm heart is a definite plus aboard the Rosemarie.


Bob received his license as a Massage Therapist from the National Holistic Institute and is the owner of Tranquility Massage and Wellness Center in Discovery Bay. Now Bob has no time to work for the Captain but the Captain leaves his picture on this website so Bob doesn't get upset since Bob was one of the founding crew in the early days of the Captain's cruise adventures. Also, the link above will allow you to look him up and schedule a relaxing massage. We love BOB!


Melinda is a retired 20 year veteran of the Army and is enjoying living life to the fullest. People take to Melinda like a duck takes to water. Her caring and thoughtful personality makes her the perfect crew to have aboard any Delta adventure.


Ruthie is trying to fill the paws of Sugar who we miss dearly and went to the dog park in the sky in 2017. Melinda rescued Ruthie after she had been in and out of dog shelters and foster homes. Ruthie was abused as a puppy so it is taking some time to get her into full "First Mate" status but Ruthie is making great progress! 


Tim is a  Local Discovery Bay Resident, owns his own  Insurance Company and has enjoyed boating on the Delta for many years. Tim understands the importance of professionalism on the Rosemarie, but also understands that engaging our guests in conversation throughout a cruise is equally as important so that our guests feel at home. You will enjoy getting to meet Tim, he is a great addition to the Captain Morgan Crew.


John is a retired Firefighter as of 2017 and is a Hazmat Specialist. John also founded the Pacific Coast Water Rescue Foundation here in Discovery Bay and through his organization provides Safety & Rescue Boat training for regional Fire and Rescue personnel, as well as Safe Powerboat Handling for the general public. John is a detailed professional that loves the Delta and adds years of life saving experience (CPR, First Aid, Etc.) to the Captain's Crew. 


Debi is one of our newest crew members and we are certainly happy to have her aboard. If you have been around the Delta for a while, then you may already know Debi. When she is not vacationing in Mexico or Hawaii, you may find her teaching a line dance class at any number of local watering holes. Debi is energetic and has a smile you will warm up to instantly.


At age 15 Captain Morgan began Houseboating on the Delta and since then it has been a life long dream to set sail on his own houseboat down the many tributaries of the Delta.

To help make that dream come true, the Captain attended the Maritime Institute in San Diego and successfully received his Master Captain's Credential. His knowledge of the Delta is sure to provide a safe and exciting adventure for anyone that boards the Rosemarie.

Meet The Crew

Other Crew Members


Kyle grew up in Discovery Bay and lived straight across the street from Captain Morgan when the Captain first moved to Discovery Bay. In fact, Kyle's brother ended up marrying one of the Captain's daughters. You can tell by the sophisticated look Kyle has with those dark rim glasses, that Kyle is a Tax Accountant during Tax season and then helps the Captain out in his off season. Kyle is fun, energetic, and never short on conversation. If he happens to work your cruise...hit him up for a tax tip or two.


Ken is a long time friend of Captain Morgan and has invited Captain Morgan to his waterfront resort in San Felipe Mexico on several occasions. Little did Captain Morgan know the plan was to work all week while in Mexico to fix up the "resort" and make it habitable, lol. Ken is an interesting guy and when he is not selling real estate  for Sasville Properties during the day, or rummaging through the items on the dollar table at Home Depot, you may just find him aboard the Rosemarie.