Cost for a private 2-hour cruise with up to 20 guests is $599.00

All additional guests over the first 20 guests are $29.95 per person, up to a maximum of 35 guests. Our US Coast Guard license only allows for a maximum of 35 guests on board the Rosemarie. Non-walking infants are FREE but count toward the 35 people on board. All other children are regular price.

Additional cruise hours beyond the first two hours are available for a flat $350 per hour regardless of how many guests are on-board.

We can customize any of the following Delta Adventures for you and your guests.

For a 2-hour cruise we can take your group in and out the many bays of Discovery Bay. This cruise is very interesting for guests that are not familiar with the Discovery Bay area.

Another great 2-hour cruise is leaving Discovery Bay to head east on Indian Slough and Woodward Slough to Ski Beach, then north past the Bacon Island Ferry and up to the Middle River Bridge. Then due west along Railroad Slough to the Orwood Railroad Bridge where frequently passenger and cargo trains will motor within feet of the Rosemarie. Setting a southern course, we motor down Old River and west on to Indian Slough.  Soon you will see the Discovery Bay Lighthouse again and the entrance to Discovery Bay. If we have any time left, we will glide in and out a few bays of Discovery Bay so you get to see some spectacular deep water access homes. This cruise allows for vast panoramic views from the top deck of the Rosemarie. Longer cruises can take you to other Delta destinations.

  • Water and Wine Excursions
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Breakfast cruises
  • Dinner/Sunset cruises
  • Holiday light cruises
  • Corporate / Business cruises
  • Wilderness Lunch and Eco-Cruise
  • Entertain out of town guests 
  • Your special event?

We don't cook food on private cruises but you are welcome to bring aboard whatever food you wish. The Rosemarie has a full size stove, microwave, Bar-B-Q, two refrigerators, two small freezers, and several built in ice chests. You can also contact the 
Boardwalk Grill restaurant (925-513-2499) in the Discovery Bay Marina to arrange for catered food for your cruise right at the dock where you and your guests will be boarding the Rosemarie.

Private Cruises

Private Cruise Cost

We lost our lease at Discovery Bay and will no longer be able to pick up and drop off at Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor. As a result, we have temporarily suspended  cruises until we find a new location. Check back for updates or sign up for email updates using the button on the right.