The following information is a step by step guide to book both "Pre-Planned" and "Private" cruises.

​​​​​​How To Book A Cruise

​​1). To purchase individual tickets to one of the Captain's pre-planned cruises, click on the "Pre-Planned Cruises" page of this website and you will see the Captain's yearly Cruise Schedule with cruise details and pricing.

To book a private cruise look at the "Calendar page" of this website to determine if the date(s) you want are available. Please keep in mind that the Captain has other obligations besides chartering groups on Delta excursions, therefore, even if the date(s) you want is not booked on the calendar, it does not mean the Captain will be available on the date(s) you want. You will need to call and check on availability for your specific date(s). The calendar is merely to show dates that are already booked  for the specific date(s) and time you need and therefore, unavailable for sure.

2). Call the Captain and let him know what type of adventure you are looking for (hourly or overnight) and the number of guests that will be joining you (35 guests maximum for hourly and overnight cruises). He can let you know then if your date(s) is doable. The Captain can book more than one cruise on any given date as long as their is about 1 hour in-between cruises, so if the calendar shows something booked on the date you want, make sure you click on that reservation so a text box will pop up and you can see the scheduled time for the preexisting cruise. If the time you desire allows the Captain at least 1 hour between cruises, then the Captain may be able to accommodate you even though their is a preexisting cruise scheduled for the same date you are interested in. Please call the Captain to see if your date and time is workable 925.383.5346

3). If your date(s) and time is available, request a Charter Agreement from Captain Morgan via e-mail using the Contact Us page of this website. 0nce you have received  your Charter Agreement via-email from the Captain, fill it out completely, sign and date the bottom then return it via e-mail to the Captain or simply mail it to 1700 Riverlake Road, Discovery Bay, CA 94505. When the Captain sends you your Charter Agreement, he will also include instructions in the e-mail so that you can pay your 50% deposit  online with a credit or debit card if you choose to pay it electronically, otherwise you can mail a check made out to Captain Morgan to 1700 Riverlake Road, Discovery Bay, CA 94505. Please make sure you read our "Refund Policy" for all cruises. "Private Cruise Deposits" are not fully refundable unless the trip is canceled 30 days prior to the cruise date of your reservation. "Pre-planed cruise payments" are not refundable if the pre-planed cruise you booked is sold out or your cancelation is less than 14 days notice prior to your cruise sailing date. If the Captain cancels a private or pre-planed cruise for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

4). Once the Captain receives your deposit and signed Charter Agreement, he will post your cruise on the calendar page of this website. That confirms your cruise date(s). No reservation is confirmed until your deposit is received and the date(s) is posted on the calendar page of this website.

5). Go to the FAQ's page of this website and see the recommended items to bring. The Rosemarie is fully stocked with most everything you will need but their are some personal items you may want to bring. Also, you will see a list of items that are prohibited such as drugs, fire arms, knives, etc. If anyone in your group brings aboard a prohibited item, it will be grounds for the immediate termination of the cruise without any refund. Please make sure everyone in your group understands what is expected so we all can have an enjoyable time without issues.

6). We will be meeting at the Boardwalk Grill Restaurant which is at the Discovery Bay Marina (5879 Marina Road, Discovery Bay, CA 94514) to start on our voyage (unless other arrangements with the Captain have been made), please make sure everyone in your group arrives on time so we can start the mandatory orientation promptly at the agreed upon time. If we leave the dock late, it could affect our ability to have bridges opened in the event our destination requires them to be opened. Your guests that arrive early can enjoy a few drinks and/or something to eat while the rest of your party arrives. Make sure the restaurant staff know you are with Captain Morgan's Delta Adventures and they will seat you all in the same area for the brief safety orientation.

7). Depending on the departure time of your cruise, people may also be able to buy any last minute things they may have forgotten from the stores along the Boardwalk at the Discovery Bay Marina. However, if you follow the list of things to bring you should have everything you need (this is mainly for overnight adventures) We may also be making store runs periodically on overnight trips incase anyone realizes they forgot something.

8). If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Captain anytime at 925.383.5346. If your call goes into voice mail, please leave a message, and the Captain will return your call as soon as possible, thank you!