Food On Private Cruises

Food on Public Cruises

Overnight cruise adventures include all meals as part of the quoted Delta Adventure package. We will work with you to ensure all planned meals are something you and your guests will enjoy. Let us know of any dietary restrictions at least 7 days before the cruise. Guests are free to bring special food items or favorite snacks, etc. they are welcome to do so.

If you are providing your own food for your private cruise - catered or otherwise - please keep the following in mind.


1). You will need to make sure all eating and serving utensils, paper plates, napkins, and anything else you need is provided. Many caterers only provide the food in aluminum pans and nothing else.


2). No flames on board at all this includes candles and chafing dishes. We are not able to prepare or heat food on board while underway due to the restrictions of our US Coast Guard operating permit. 


3). Do not bring electric appliances such as crock pots or electric skillets because we have limited electric power unless we run the generator during your cruise.

If you decide to have food catered, we recommend that you at least contact the Boardwalk Grill Restaurant in Discovery Bay (925-513-2499) to see what they can do for you.
They have a variety of options to choose from and you can select a package size that fits your needs and budget. They provide everything you will need such as plates, napkins, and a complete package of utensils. The food comes on platters and dishes instead of aluminum trays or paper plates. The restaurant staff delivers the food to the Rosemarie before and collects the dishes at the endof the cruise. Doggie bags are provided for any leftovers that you want to take home.

Note: You are free to use whatever caterer you want . We make no money off of your catered food.

You are welcome to bring whatever food you would like on board for a private cruise. If you decide to bring or arrange for your own food on your private cruise, you will need to bring whatever plates, utensils, napkins, serving utensils, condiments you need for you and your guests.

You can either bring the food down to the Rosemarie either before or after our mandatory safety meeting.  The Rosemarie is normally at the dock at least an hour before your safety meeting so you will have plenty of time to get your food on board. Please let us know if you plan to bring food on board before the safety briefing so we can be sure to be ready for you and the food. Once the food is placed on board, we will set the food out, keep it clean, neat and replentished, and clear the food and package any leftovers for you to keep if you want. Let us know if you have any special instructions for the food. Relax and enjoy your Delta Adventure while we take care of the rest.

Catered Food For Private Cruises

Food on Overnight Cruises

Public cruises are scheduled cruises open  to the public with tickets available on our website on the Public Cruises page. Because public cruises can consist of many different groups of people we do not allow food other than personal snacks to be brought on board our private cruises. 

Some public cruises include food as part of the cruise package. You can see what each pre-planned cruise includes along with the cost for each cruise on our Public Cruise page.

If you purchase all 35 tickets for a public cruise it is effectively a private cruise and the private cruise food policy would apply.