When Captain Morgan started cruise operations in 2011, he gave away all non-alcoholic drinks for FREE (water, sodas, coffee, etc.) and also let guests bring their own alcoholic drinks on board if they choose to do so. The Captain soon realized that offering free non-alcoholic drinks was not going to work. Guests would grab a bottled water out of the cooler and take a few sips, set it down and after socializing go back to the water only to realize it was not ice cold and since they were "free", they just grabbed another cold water out of the cooler. At the end of each cruise the crew would find 10 or 20 half drank water bottles scattered about the Rosemarie. As if that wasn't bad enough....It got worse, after one memorable cruise a guests called her girlfriend over to the ice chest and told her to help load her bag with waters to go, after all "they are Free".

Once we started charging $2 for bottled waters, it was like a miracle, no half drank waters left laying around and nobody wants to fill their bag with cold waters (the Captain would help them load the bag now) at the end of a cruise.

The alcoholic drink problem was even worse than the free non-alcoholic drinks. Perhaps because the Captain doesn't drink he had no idea how serious people took their drinking. Guests would show up for a two hour cruise with coolers full of beer, wine, and hard liquor. Half way through the cruise and we had guests who couldn't tell you what day of the week it was and when asked to drink water for a while, they politely nodded yes but went right back to "their" cooler for another cold one.

The Captain could see the law suits coming and as a result would have to close down Captain Morgan's Delta Adventures just as fast as a guest could chug another cold beer, and that's pretty dam fast!

So, the Captain applied for a full liquor license in 2013, paid all the fees, jumped through all the hoops with the state and federal agencies to get approved and finally he had his permit to sell alcoholic drinks. The Captain still has to order the drinks, stock the Rosemarie before every cruise, and haul buckets of ice up the ladder to the top deck every cruise to ensure our guests get ice cold drinks on a hot summer day. All of that effort, expense, and time must be at least worth $2 for a bottle water, $4 for a beer or glass of wine, and $5 for a well mixed drink.

As for our Wine and Champagne corking fee, the reason our Champagne corking fee is higher than our Wine corking fee is you get twice as many glasses of Champagne pours out of a bottle of Champagne as compared to a same size bottle of Wine. For example, a 750ml bottle of Champagne will provide about 8 glasses of Champagne and since the Captain sells Chandon Champagne for $5 per glass on board, that would mean it cost the Captain $40 (8 glasses X $5 each) for you to bring your own Champagne on board. You are welcome to bring your own Wine or Champagne on board, but you should be willing to pay what the Captain would loose on drinks sales for you to have that privilege.

We hope people understand the cost of drinks are all part of the business plan that keeps the cruise ticket prices so low. The only way Captain Morgan could afford to stay in business each year when you want to enjoy a warm sunny day on the Delta with an ice cold drink, is for the Captain and Crew to make a few bucks for all the time, effort and fixed expenses it takes to run a cruise business.

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