BV Chardonnay
BV Pinot Grigio
BV Merlot
BV Cabernet

Note: Assorted bottles of red & white wine available upon request, $39.95 per bottle.

Giro Tequila
Smirnoff Vodka
Capt. Morgan White
Capt. Morgan Dark
Dickel Whisky
Tanqueray Gin

Captain Morgan Punch

The following drinks are normally stocked on the Rosemarie:

​​Captain Morgan has a full liquor license for the Rosemarie and therefore no drinks of ANY KIND are allowed to be brought onboard without the express permission of the Captain. The one exception to the statement above is bottled wine and Champagne as long as the guest checks the bottle(s) in with the Bartender at the start of the cruise and pays the per bottle corking fee (see fees below).

If you have a specific drink you like and you don't see it listed below, talk to the Captain before your cruise to see what can be arranged. In some cases the Captain will allow a guest to buy a specific beer or mixed drink and provide it to the Captain who will then in turn sell it back to the guest(s) for our normal drink cost.

Note: If interested, Click Here for a detailed explanation of why the drink policy is what it is.

The Corking fee is $15 per 750ml bottle of wine and $35 per 750ml bottle of Champagne/Sparkling Wine. Please check bottles in with the Bartender.

Glass of Champange
$5.00 each

​​​​​Non-alcoholic Drinks
$2.00 each

Corking Fees:

​​​​​​Drinks Aboard The Rosemarie

Drink Ticket Program:

Note: Our liquor license does not allow alcoholic drinks or opened bottles of alcohol to be taken off the Rosemarie by guests at anytime.


Note: Splits and 750ml bottles available upon request and sold at $10 per split and $40 per 750ml bottle.

Top Shelf Drinks
$10.00 each

Don Julio 
Crown Royal 
Kettle One
Myers Rum 
Glenlivet Scotch

Drink Payments:

$4.00 each

Guests can pay cash for drinks at the Bar or give the Bartender his or her credit/debit card and run a tab for drinks until the end of the cruise.

Glass of Wine
$4.00 each

Bottled Water 
Fruit Punch
Diet Coke
Ginger Ale

​Cup of Water = FREE

Coors Light
Bud Light
Sierra Nevada

​If you want to treat your guests to drinks on a private cruise you have a couple of options.

1) You can run an open tab at the Bar and pay at the end of the cruise for all drinks (this could get costly).

2) You can buy "drink tickets" at the start of the cruise for $5 each and they are good for one alcoholic drink (excluding top shelf drinks) or two non-acoholic drinks.

Buying drink tickets allows the host to know the exact cost of drinks before the cruise starts.

Many times hosts simply buy the first couple of drinks and then the guests are on their own after that. Be sure and discuss drink tickets with the Captain if you think you may be interested in them and he will help you figure out what type of drink plan works best for your cruise.

Well Mixed Drinks
$5.00 each