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Banner Cruises

Please keep in mind, this is an advertising cruise and we hang banners for our sponsors on the sides of the Rosemarie so that when people are looking at us cruise around, they are seeing the sponsors ads. As far as the guests onboard, all they see is the beautiful scenery around Discovery Bay and not the banners.

Each of our monthly banner cruises are listed on our "Calendar Page" in pink. if you roll your mouse cursor over the pink rectangle on our calendar page, a text box will pop up and tell you the cruise time for that specific month's banner cruise. Once you decide what month and date you want to do the banner cruise, simply go to the "Contact Us" page, fill in your contact information and send the Captain an email to let him know which banner cruise date you would like to schedule and how many tickets you have. The Captain will respond to your email to confirm your reservation or to let you know the cruise you choose is full and you will need to select another date.

As stated above, the banner cruise is a slow cruise in and out the Bays of Discovery Bay. We come back to the Discovery Bay Marina after about two hours of cruising so if anyone wants to call it quits, they can disembark then. For those who wish to continue cruising for the full four hours, they simply stay on the Rosemarie and we take right back off to finish the four hour cruise.

The Boardwalk Grill restaurant is one of our main sponsors and caters the food on every banner cruise, which is included with your tickets. As far as drinks, the Captain does not allow any drinks to be brought onboard but we do have a Bar onboard and sell drinks very reasonably. Please check out our "Drinks" page for prices and details.

We do not normally sell tickets for banner cruises, guests are invited by our sponsors or guests have won/bought the tickets at a non-profit fundraiser. However, if you wish to add tickets for extra guests, please call Captain Morgan and see if he has some he may be able to sell (925.383.5346).

Captain Morgan's Banner Cruise's are a 4-hour slow cruise in and out the various Bays of Discovery Bay. They are  scheduled once per month and are always on a Saturday or Sunday during daylight hours. The banner cruise's allow waterfront residents, their guests, and anyone else who boats or recreates in the waters of Discovery Bay, to see the various ads attached to the Rosemarie during each monthly cruise.

Captain Morgan does not sell tickets to the banner cruises, instead tickets are allocated to the Captain's company sponsors based on the size of the company's banner space on the Rosemarie. Those companies with "VIP" banner cruise tickets, then give the tickets to  prospective clients, new clients, past clients, and many other outlets. Captain Morgan also keeps some tickets each month so he can donate them to charitable organizations who in turn auction or raffle them off to raise funds for many worthy causes.

In 2017 Captain Morgan's Delta Adventures donated Banner Cruise tickets to 65 non-profit organizations with a base value of $25,310.00. Those 65  local organizations were able to turn those tickets into cash that helped thousands of people in need. A BIG thank you to all Captain Morgan's sponsors (listed below) who make that possible!

Instructions For Making Your Banner Cruise Reservation