This Cruise is to Mandeville Island where the Hilton’s sponsor the biggest Firework extravaganza on the Delta.

You will spend 9-hours on the Delta which will start by leaving the Discovery Bay Marina at 3:00pm with your favorite drink in your hand and enjoying lunch provided by the Captain, we will cruise up the Middle River and under the Orwood Railroad Bridge. Further north we will pass Frank’s Tract and Bethel Island to enter the San Joaquin River near Mandeville Island. There will be hundreds of boats anchored near Mandeville Island waiting for darkness to fall and the show to begin. It truly is a sight to see.

We will cruise in and out the other boats on anchor and enjoy the sights and sounds of all the spectators. After an hour or so, we will find a spot to cast our anchor and get settled in for a gourmet dinner grilled right on board the Rosemarie. By the time the Crew cleans up the dinner mess and you enjoy another drink, the show will be ready to begin. If you have not experienced the sights and feel of massive fireworks exploding overhead, then you certainly want to book this cruise!

After the spectacular firework display and our dessert, we will pull up anchor and head for Discovery Bay. Slowly making our way through the darkness, we will arrive back at the Discovery Bay Marina around midnight.

Boarding Instructions: All cruise guests must meet at the Boardwalk Grill Restaurant (5879 Marina Rd, Discovery Bay, CA 94505) at 2:30pm for a brief safety meeting that is required by the United States Coast Guard. After the safety meeting all cruise guests must sign in verifying they received the safety instructions prior to boarding the Rosemarie.

Date: 07-04-2019

3:00pm to Midnight

Mandeville Island Fireworks and Dinner Cruise

Mandaville Island Fireworks Cruise

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